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Overdose Records was created in January 2010 based in the city of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Overdose Records is a digital record label, designed to distribute the music of our artists on major digital download stores worldwide. We currently have a large number of artists who keep their releases around the world, also provide promotional support, design and logistics for greater range and can be seen by more people worldwide.

Overdose Records How it works?.
It is easy to belong to Overdose Records, simply send your demo from our form correctly, filling in all requested fields.

As verify your material?
The demos sent are checked for quality filters in the same way we offer advice regarding corrections and mastering.

Overdose Records where she sells?
Overdose Records is present at major retailers in the world as: iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Spotify, DJ Tunes, Junodoanload, Trackitdown, Traxsource, Nowtrax, Audiojelly and many more.

Overdose Records handles exclusivity?
No. An artist may be signed under another label while signing contract Overdose Records. But if the artist you wish, you can sign an exclusive contract for a period of 1 year. All contracts Overdose Records play a cycle of 1 year and is renewed at the end of it.

As pay Overdose Records?
Overdose Records provides 60% of total sales royalties to its artists, in the case of packages of remixes, the original artist must define the percentage being to be paid directly to the remixer. Payments are quarterly, with a margin of 1 month for reporting issues affiliated stores and currency exchanges. They pay royalties when they reach the top of 50dlls in sales per quarter, if the cap is reached, remain accumulated for the next period.

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